What is biodegradable glitter made from?
Made from plant cellulose, derived from sustainably farmed, non GMO eucalyptus trees in Europe. Plant cellulose is the substance that makes up most of the plant’s cell walls. Since it is made by all plants, it is probably the most abundant organic compound on Earth. Cellulose is a biodegradable polysaccharide. A polysaccharide is a type of carbohydrate.

How is biodegradable glitter made?
The plant cellulose is dyed with cosmetic grade dyes and then covered with the tiniest amount of aluminium in order to give it it's shine. The cellulose is then fed through a glitter cutting machine and cut to the desired size and shape.

Does biodegradable glitter dissolve in water?
No, biodegradable glitter does not dissolve in water, it needs environmental microorganisms and bacteria to digest the glitter and transform it into harmless substances; carbon dioxide, water and biomass. 

How long does biodegradable glitter take to biodegrade?
There are dozens of factors that will determine the speed of biodegradation. For example, in the ocean, currents, temperature and types of algae present will all impact the rate at which it breaks down. If you leave your glitter in a warm, moist and oxygenated environment then it will begin to biodegrade. Warm and wet conditions are ideal and higher concentrations of microbes will increase the rate of biodegradation. Bioglitter degrades 90% in nature in just 30 days.

Where can I use my Glitter Fairy glitter?
The glitter is cosmetic grade so suitable for use on the face, body, nails and hair, however, but if eco-crafting is your bag then it can be used for those projects too. Just remember if it designed to break down so your projects may not remain sparkly forever if they are exposed to the four elements required for the glitter to biodegrade (heat, water, oxygen and microorganisms).

How do I apply my Glitter Fairy glitter?
Ooh so many ways to apply but the best is to just pop something like aloe vera gel, jajoba, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil,  lip balm, or just an un-petroleum jelly even on the place you want the glitter to stick to and then either use your finger to dab the loose glitter on top or use a clean flat makeup brush to apply. If you are going to use the good ol’ finger, then rather empty a small amount out - just to keep any bacteria out of the container that can be transferred to your skin.

If you want a more long-lasting look then we suggest something like eyelash glue.

How do I remove my Glitter Fairy glitter?
The party is over and now it is time to remove the extra fabulousness from your face. Again so many options but warm soap and water, or an oil or oil based cleaner - we don’t recommend using face wipes and remember to wipe away from your eyes.

Is my biodegradable glitter edible?
Now we are definitely covering all bases here, now just in case you are thinking of giving our glitter a little nibble please note that although the glitter is non-toxic and non-harmful it is NOT a foodstuff and therefore not intended for consumption. Best to head off to the juice bar instead.

Is the biodegradable glitter plastic free?
The glitter that we sell is 92% plastic free as opposed to conventional glitter.

How Should I Store My Fabulous Glitter Fairy Glitter?
The glitter is very stable and has a very long shelf life providing it is stored in a dry, dark and cool environment. Do not store in direct sunlight and keep away from direct heat sources.  You can keep it for up to 36 months this way or even longer.

Has The Glitter Fairy glitter been tested on animals?
No, our glitter has definitely not been tested on animals and has an added bonus of being Vegan-friendly too. 

Are the Face and Body Jewels re-usable?
Yes they are. If you apply to a clean and dry face and store them correctly after use they can be used again. Once the glue is not in full effect anymore, you can use something like an eyelash glue to hold the jewels in place.